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Witnessing Someone To Kill In A Dream-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a friend killing someone in your dream means that you are under a lot of pressure, but only then can you understand who your true friend is. At work, don’t be shy to express your opinions, and you must know how to use the power of the team.

A student dreamed of a friend killing someone: This may indicate your test scores. As long as you don’t cheat, I believe your results will be enough to satisfy you.

A businessman dreams of a friend killing someone: wealth is rising steadily, and as long as he pays he can get a return, he will also get financial benefits by cooperating with the rich.

Middle-aged and elderly people dream of killing friends: This indicates that they are healthy and mentally better, but they will still encounter minor troubles such as colds.

A man dreamed of a friend killing someone: It’s a good thing to have a chance to travel recently, but be careful when traveling to prevent being caught by a thief.

A pregnant woman dreams of a friend killing someone: This indicates that your body is not healthy. The pregnant woman is most afraid of physical problems because during pregnancy, taking medicine will harm the baby in the belly. In severe cases, it may cause the baby to change. Deformed.

A newcomer in the workplace dreams of a friend killing someone: In public, you must pay attention to your words and deeds. If you are talking about company matters, it is best to be in a more appropriate and public place. Although there is an opportunity to make money, the money is not easy to come by, so it is necessary to use the money rationally and not to invest or waste it, otherwise, the money will soon disappear.

The clerk dreamed of her boyfriend killing someone: recent bad luck for money.

A student dreamed of her boyfriend killing someone: Don’t be nervous during the exam, you will get good grades.

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