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Why I Dreamed of My Dead Father Giving me Money?

Dreaming about money means that you are extremely eager to realize the desire in your heart.

Dreaming of your father means an image of self-repression, and that there are certain responsibilities or norms that make you feel oppressive. On the other hand, it is also possible that you do not have any sense of security at the moment, and you want your father’s shoulders to rely on to protect you, so that your mind can get a sense of stability.

Dreaming that your dead father gave you money, it is a day to give full play to planning, publicity, and creativity. The new information around is a source of inspiration. Pay more attention to news media and internet news. However, there is a possibility that a loan request may be made in terms of money. If you refuse, you should definitely refuse it. The money borrowed during this period may be difficult to get back. This is especially true for friends who have not been in contact for a while.

A traveler dreamed that the dead father gave him money, suggesting that there will be wind, heavy rain, and he should travel later.

A pregnant person dreamed that the dead father gave her money, indicating that she would give birth to a daughter.

A person in love dreamed of the dead father giving him money, indicating that his in-laws become enemies, the marriage fail, and the marriage contract will dismiss.

A person in his birth year dreamed that his dead father gave him money, which means that the spring and summer seasons went smoothly as he wished, and should be careful about losing property in autumn and winter.

A business person dreams of his dead father giving him money, which means that you are making money smoothly and treating others with integrity, gaining more development.

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