Why Do Pregnant Women Dream of Celery?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Pregnant women dream of celery: it indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very sweet and the child will be born smoothly.

Pregnant women dream of thick celery (like celery with thick thumbs, although the color is emerald green, it looks very unappetizing): it indicates that you will encounter troubles soon, but there will be friends around you for help.

Pregnant women dream of fine celery (very thin celery): it indicates that your appetite is good recently, and the poor appetite caused by pregnancy is about to end.

A pregnant woman dreams of buying celery (in a noisy and orderly vegetable market, buying celery with her husband, and bargaining with the peddler): it indicates that your husband will take the initiative to take on the family labor in the second trimester of pregnancy, and the pregnant woman will receive the husband’s meticulous attention. Care.

Pregnant women dream of eating celery (eating celery with your family): it indicates that you have had less contact with your family in recent days. Pregnant women can visit their relatives at an appropriate time to increase their relationship.

A pregnant woman dreams of a bundle of celery: it indicates that you have paid too much attention to the health of the fetus and yourself recently, and you are a little nervous, and you should pay attention to adjusting your emotions appropriately.

A pregnant woman dreams of a car of celery: it indicates that you will have too high expectations for many things recently, but it will disappoint you and lead to depression of the pregnant woman.

Pregnant women dream of fried celery: it indicates that your body will become awkward soon. Pregnant women should pay attention to their daily lives and do not do things detrimental to their spirits.

Description of the dream: I dreamed that I went to the market to buy vegetables. As a result, every stall only sold celery. I found it very strange, but when I remembered that I was going to buy this today, I chose the one that I thought was good. What is this dream? mean?

Dream interpretation: Different people buy celery with different meanings. Like a housewife buying celery is a sign of frugality in life and a good symbol. However, the appearance of celery in a dream is usually a good omen, so don't worry too much.