Why Do I See Someone Getting Married In My Dream?

  • Represents the desire for marriage

In your dreams, you still maintain the desire for marriage, dreaming of others getting married and showing envy, then this kind of mood basically means that you hope that you can get married as soon as possible.

Especially if you are single and have never even talked about love, then dreaming of marriage is the symbol of your desire for love and marriage in your heart. From this perspective, the dream itself has no special meaning, it is just a manifestation of personal psychological changes.

  • It means that I have a good relationship with my lover

All dreams related to love and marriage can generally reflect your current emotional state and possible emotional changes in the future. For example, dreaming of seeing someone getting married means that you are a little dissatisfied with your current marriage.

Especially those dreamers who have some conflicts with their lovers in real life are more likely to dream of such dreams. And if this dream occurs, you must pay attention to your own emotional development to avoid the worst results.

  • It means that interpersonal relationships will be better

In other words, this dream can be regarded as you can meet friends who can help yourself at work and career. . Dreaming means that you will meet more friends and business partners in your future work so that you can continuously improve your career fortune and achieve better results.

  • It means that the family’s fortune is excellent

This is a meaning when the protagonist who gets married in the dream is his own family. Obviously, since it is dreaming of family members getting married, it must indicate that the emotional fortune and wealth of the family members are excellent. Generally speaking, these relatives live with you, so you will be very concerned about their fortune changes.

  • It means that I am afraid of getting married

Dreaming that someone else is getting married reflects your fear of marriage, or you want to try marriage again but worry that you will be hurt again because of marriage. Therefore, you will dream of someone getting married in your dream instead of you.