Why Do I Hear An Explosion In My Dream?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of explosions means that you will receive important and shocking news soon.

To dream of being awakened by an explosion indicates that your life will be severely affected by this news.

Dreaming of an explosion in a house: family members are in good health.

Dreaming of explosion scenes usually implies orgasm. But dreaming about very destructive explosions, such as bomb explosions, may imply some dark desires in you.

To dream of being injured in an explosion indicates that your friend will abuse your trust and violate your rights.

The staff dreamed of explosions: they were alert to dangerous things coming, and they should be prepared to leave or deal with them.

Travelers dream of explosions: it is recommended to follow the plan and go back and forth safely.

A pregnant woman dreamed of an explosion: heralding the birth of a boy. The birth of a daughter in June and July is safe and smooth.

People in love dream about explosions: it means that you may get married.

The businessman dreams of an explosion: it means that your business will be profitable.

Students dream of a loud explosion: it means that you will fail the exam and will not be admitted.

Dream content: I was wandering on the street in my dream. Suddenly, it was like a movie. The cordon was pulled up. Curiosity drove me to see what happened. As a result, I just walked to the front when there was an explosion. A very loud sound, and then I woke up, what do you mean by this dream?

Dream interpretation: The explosion in your dream does not necessarily mean harm, but maybe a piece of explosive news; dreaming of an explosion means that you will soon receive important and shocking news.