Why Do I Dream That The River Is Dry?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreams related to water can generally reflect changes in personal luck. For example, dreaming of calm river water means that personal wealth is very stable, and if it is flowing water, it means that your wealth is changing.

  • Represents a decline in wealth

The most common symbol of a dry river in a dream is that personal financial luck has changed greatly, and it is a bad change. Either you have encountered setbacks at work that led to a decrease in your wealth and income, or you have lost your wealth due to some changes in your life.

From this point of view, dreams are definitely a bad omen. Dreamers must pay attention to their own way of doing things in life and work, and avoid encountering more unlucky situations. push

  • It means there is a problem with love

Water can also represent emotional changes in dreams, especially your love. Therefore, when interpreting the dream that the water in the river is dry, it can also be seen from the perspective of love.

If you look at it from this point of view, then the river in the dream is constantly decreasing, which means that your love is currently experiencing problems. It may be that there is a conflict with the lover that leads to a decline in each other's emotions, or even a situation of breaking up.

You must sort out your love in life, find the problem and solve it.

  • Represents career issues

This point is similar to the meaning of wealth because water can be regarded as your wealth. Then dreaming that the water in the river is dry also indicates that there must be a problem with your work.