Why Do I Dream That My Classmate Is Dead?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of your classmate's death indicates that you and this classmate may have had a big conflict before, and the conflict between you has not been resolved. You never forgave him until you dreamed this dream. And this classmate is very impressive to you in real life, you cannot forgive this classmate, and you want to punish this classmate.

If in your dream, you dreamed that your classmate was in a car accident and he died, it means that in real life, you are very worried about the current situation of your friends next to you. They may have encountered some difficulties in the recent period. And you are very worried about these friends, and you worry too much.

If in a dream, you dreamed that your classmate jumped off the building, and he died, it means that in real life, the goal you set in the recent period is very high, and this goal is something you can't accomplish.

If you dreamed that your classmate passed away, in fact, in real life, your subconscious really hopes that this person will die, because there is a law in real life. And in real life, if you mention this matter to people around you, it will make people around you think you are vicious, which is very detrimental to your personal image management. Therefore, for a series of reasons, your subconscious mind will only make you choose to make such a dream in a dream.

If you dream that your classmate has passed away, it means that you hope to surpass him in a certain aspect in real life, and he is your competitor. During this time, you need to do your own job well and improve your abilities to defeat him.