Why Do I Dream That My Belly Is Getting Bigger?-Dreams Interpretation

An unmarried woman dreams that her belly is big, indicating that she intends to get married. As you get older, your friends around you begin to enter the marriage hall, and you ask your lover for their opinions, but he has no intention of marrying, which arouses infinite anxiety in his heart.

The office worker dreamed that he had a big belly, indicating that he worked hard at work, and he firmly believed that he would succeed in the end with his own efforts. There may be an opportunity to go out to study soon. It is recommended that you participate in this training, which is very helpful for your future promotion.

A job seeker dreams that he has a big belly, which means that your recent job search is not going well. You always hope to find a job that is handy for you, but often because of the position offered to you by the other party, you have to do something you are not good at. Things you don't even want to do cause you to give up opportunities time and time again. The worries in your heart cause a lot of stress but don’t worry, you may find a job that suits you soon. Although the salary may not meet expectations, it can relieve your temporary financial difficulties.

The investor dreams that he has a big belly, which means that your wealth is quite good, you are working very hard in making money, and you are currently working hard. Normal consumption is no longer as extravagant as before, and you begin to realize that there is fun in life besides money. You have to be careful in investment, there may be projects that are very tempting to you. You must invest carefully to prevent being deceived by others.

The employee dreams that he has a big belly, which means that your recent work status is very good and your life is regular. You are now working towards your goal, but the fly in the ointment is that you have regrets in some areas. This regret may be a problem in your relationship or a problem in your family.

A pregnant woman dreams that her belly is big: it means that your baby is very healthy. You are also confident in your daily life and have a very good spirit. You may wish to develop some hobbies that you usually don't have time to develop, which is very beneficial to your future baby.

A married woman dreams that she has a big belly, which means that your recent relationships are relatively good and that you can be friends with anyone. At work, I can get along well with my colleagues and make good friends. You and the people around you help each other and get along very harmoniously. When you have problems, you can face them together without conflict.

A married man dreams that he has a big belly, which means that your recent financial luck is very good. Someone may discover your workability and provide you with a generous salary, which will lead to a qualitative leap in your income.