Why Do I Dream That I Can't Open My Eyes?-Dreams Interpretation Online

To dream that you cannot open your eyes, represents that you do not want to face the reality now, because the external annoying pressure is too much and there are still many difficulties that cannot be solved, so you do not want to face it, and also implies that you may have an accident, so you should pay special attention to it.

Dreaming that your eyes are particularly bright and clear is a sign that you have a clear goal, seize the opportunity to act, and you are sure to achieve success.

Dreaming of a woman's eyes shining brightly foretells off that you will have a foregone conclusion, or that the results of your efforts will be possessed by others.

A stockholder dreaming that his eyes will glow is a very good one, indicating that the stock you buy will rise and be blessed by everyone.

To dream that your eyes glow red is a reminder that you should pay attention to your health and may get sick.

To dream that your eyes sting is a sign that you may experience pain in your life.

To dream that your eyes are swollen but do not hurt indicates a happy life.

To dream that your eyes are swollen is a metaphor that all things will go as you wish. If you have someone you want and are afraid to express your affection to, you can boldly confess your feelings at this time and there will be no problem.

To dream of a stab wound in the eye reminds you to be on your guard, you may be attacked by others, or your heart may yearn for exciting sex.

To dream of a crusty eye reminds you to be careful not to focus on immediate gain and end up with a loss.

To dream of dull, lifeless eyes or tightly closed eyes may indicate anxiety in your heart or a communication problem with someone.

To dream of washing your eyes with water foretells that you will make progress in your relationship or become more conscious of the state of affairs.

A teenage girl dreaming that her eyes are filled with blood suggests your subconscious fears and expectations of sex.

To dream of an abnormal eye lesion and go to an ophthalmologist is an indication that rational judgment or insight has become dulled.

To dream of losing an eye, or having pain in the eye, is a sign of trouble.