Why Do I Dream Of Rotten Things?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of something rotten: indicates that you will experience wind and rain, and after suffering, it indicates a new life.

Dreaming of rotten food: reminds you to care about your thoughts, spiritual or emotional needs.

Dreaming of an unpleasant smell: indicates that you are not getting the support around you.

To dream of your own decay: implies that your life is very decadent, without any vitality.

To dream of eating rotten food means that your body will be seriously ill.

Dreaming that the world is decaying: implies that you are dissatisfied with your current life and desire to destroy.

To dream of rotten vegetables or meat in the market means a failure in your career. For young women, it means changes that make people happy.

Dreaming of cactus rot: means that I did not seize the opportunity. If it is a staff member, it means that there is an opportunity for promotion recently, so take it well. If it is a prisoner, it indicates that there will be a chance of being released from prison recently.

A pregnant woman dreams of rotting aloe vera is also an unlucky sign. This dream implies that you are in danger of miscarriage, so you must be very careful about what you do to prevent accidents.

Usually, dreaming of rotten fruits implies that the dreamer's recent activities are difficult to succeed. You'd better rest for a while and wait for the bad luck to pass.

Dreaming of throwing away rotten fruits indicates that you can detect the danger before the crisis arrives, and find the root cause in time to avoid your own losses.

To dream of eating rotten fruits means that you usually don't pay too much attention to your health, and you will get some kind of infectious disease from eating.

To dream of rotten fruits in your home means that the relationship between family members has become very poor, and there will be disputes over the distribution of property.

The traveler dreamed of rotten fruits: suggesting that you will encounter bad things during your trip this time and you will not be able to reach your destination.

Women dream of rotten fruits: remind you to pay more attention to your children to avoid accidents.