Why Do I Dream of Quarreling with My Lover?-Dreams Interpretation

  • It means that I attach importance to love

It is precisely because the dreamer is very important to love and marriage that he dreams about the content related to his lover in his dreams, such as going out together, having quarrels, or even getting divorced due to deepening conflicts, etc. These dreams can be interpreted. For dreamers attach great importance to marriage and care about their lovers very much. It is precise because they care about their lover that they quarrel with each other in their dreams. If dreamers don't pay much attention to love and their lover, then they will never dream about lover-related content in their dreams.

  • Represents the recent interpersonal relationship is not very good

The lover in the dream can also be interpreted as the dreamer’s relatives, friends, or colleagues, bosses at work, etc. In short, they are people who have a close relationship with themselves. Since there is a quarrel with the lover in the dream, it may symbolize the disagreement between oneself and relatives and friends due to certain factors, which is a symbol of the decline in interpersonal relations. It is worth mentioning that sometimes bad interpersonal relationships are not necessarily bad. This allows you to see which people around you are trustworthy and who need to distance themselves.

  • It means that the career development is not smooth enough

This is a symbolic meaning when the dreamer has been under the influence of work pressure recently and cannot ensure stable work and rest time. To put it simply, there is a very anxious psychological change deep in the dreamer's heart at this time, and it has nothing to do with others just because of his own work. But pressure does make them need catharsis, so when they dream, they dream of arguing with others, such as arguing with their lover.

  • Represents a relationship problem between husband and wife

This is indeed one of the reasons for the dream of arguing with your lover in the dream. It is precise because the dreamer has had a fierce quarrel with his lover in real life, and the contradiction between them has reached the point where they cannot be ignored, that is why they dream of similar situations in their dreams. In addition, the dreamer's heart should be full of resentment when dreaming of this dream.