Why Do I Dream of Participating in The War?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming that you are participating in a war indicates that you have encountered conflicts in your work, your relationship is facing a crisis, your business is facing ups and downs, and you may even face a situation of loss of love or loss. Remind you that you need to cheer up and devote all your energy to face it.

To dream of a civil war in the country: there will be a potential epidemic in the place where the dreamer is.

A businessman dreamed of a domestic war: you shouldn't do business abroad.

The thief or robber dreamed that he was going to fight—they might be caught on the spot.

The prisoner dreamed that he would go to war: the high court would announce his release.

Dreaming of fighting with others: luck will improve.

A married person dreams of fighting with other people: going far away, there are many obstacles, it is best not to go.

Candidates dream of fighting with others: it means that the test results are good.

Job seekers dream of fighting with others: job hunting luck is still fluctuating, hope and disappointment alternate, and it is more appropriate to calm down.

The divorced and widowed dreamed of fighting with others: there may be some minor troubles, but it will not cause any impact.

Dreaming of war and escape: you have to use the power of others to accomplish your goals, you will not succeed if you work alone

A child dreamed of fleeing from war: it means you are out of luck.

To dream of an airplane crashing in a war means that people around you will be in danger, or it means that you will encounter difficult problems that are difficult to solve; there is another possibility that a friend will betray you.