Why Do I Dream of Obeying Someone?-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of obedience to others indicates that you are living a normal life and living happily and peacefully.

To dream of others obeying yourself means that you will win wealth and receive high respect at the same time.

A pregnant woman dreams that her subordinates are not obeying orders-it indicates that she will give birth to a boy or give birth to a daughter in the fall, and the mother and child will be safe.

The businessman dreamed that his subordinates did not obey the order-it means losing money and not investing.

People in love dream of subordinates disobeying orders-it means that they can get married if they treat each other honestly.

The boss dreams that his subordinates do not obey orders-it means that there is a change of address or career, and you will have good luck.

To dream of yourself being ordered by someone means that in real life, your boss's rebuke to you makes you despised by your colleagues, so you seem to be frustrated in doing anything.

To dream of giving orders to others-that a certain honor will come to you.

To dream of your lover commanding yourself unceremoniously means that he/she may be very caring for you in real life and can always cater to your wishes.

To dream of receiving an order from your boss means that you may blindly follow the other's will because you believe in others, and you will suffer losses as a result.

To dream of announcing an order means that your position will be promoted and will be respected by people.

A man dreams of commands-indicates that he will be promoted, be entrusted with important tasks, and win a fulfilling life, opportunities for success, and great achievements.

A woman dreams of a command-it indicates that she will meet someone she likes, and you will be very happy together.

Unmarried couples dream of ordering each other-implying that the two are at odds, quarreling, and will soon lead to a breakup.

To dream of giving orders to relatives implies that you are a little isolated in your life, you are at a distance from those close to you, and you feel that you are not trusted.