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Why Do I Dream Of My Ex-Husband Getting Married?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming about your ex-husband’s marriage indicates that your fortunes are not good shortly. You must be vigilant in everything and be more careful outside to avoid being deceived.

An unmarried person dreams of her ex-husband getting married: it indicates that your love fortune is good, as long as you can make unremitting efforts, you will succeed in the end, and you must be psychologically prepared.

A married person dreams of her ex-husband getting married: it indicates that the relationship between you and your lover is very good. Even if there are some conflicts and quarrels, you will soon reconcile as before. It is recommended to communicate and understand more often.

The clerk dreamed that his ex-husband got married. It indicates that your recent fortune is good and your income will increase. It is recommended that you control your expenditures properly so that you will not waste too much money. You must learn to accumulate money to increase your wealth.

A job seeker dreams of her ex-husband’s marriage: it indicates that your recent job seekers’ fortunes are average, and you may use your relatives to get good opportunities. At the same time, your family will give you good advice, which is a good sign.

The divorced and widowed dreamed about the marriage of the ex-husband: it indicates that your recent fortunes are bad and you will encounter some minor troubles in life or work. It is recommended that you pay more attention to it and make reasonable adjustments and treatments.

The patient dreamed of her ex-husband’s marriage: it indicates that your recent physical health is good. It is recommended that you learn to treat others sincerely, and do not indulge in personal interests, and satisfy your own desires, otherwise, disasters will occur.

Ask scholars to dream about the marriage of your ex-husband: it indicates that your recent test scores are not good, and you will not make much progress. It is recommended that you usually work hard, don’t be frustrated, and continue to struggle, and make a suitable and thorough plan. Good progress will be made.

Dream case
Case description: (Female, 29 years old) My husband and I have divorced. However, I often dream of him. In my dream, I met my husband frequently, hoping that he could go shopping or watch movies with me when he had time, but he always shied away because of being too busy.

Dream analysis: You and your husband divorced a long time ago, but you have not been able to recover from the emotional damage. In your dream, you have adopted a proactive salvation stance towards love and marriage. You have expressed concern for your husband many times, but your husband seems to be very indifferent to you. Although the marriage is over, the feeling of abandonment and rejection persists unforgettable, so I often dream about it. In fact, forgetting the past is the real beginning of a new life.

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