Why Do I Dream of Lying in A Coffin?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of myself lying in a coffin: a good day is coming

The divorced widow dreamed that he was lying in the coffin: indicating that your trip will be very pleasant

A job seeker dreams that he is lying in a coffin: there are many good opportunities to apply for a job, and he boldly strives for unexpected success. As long as the salary is not too demanding, getting a job is very easy for you.

Young people dream of lying in a coffin: your fortunes have recently declined, so you have to be cautious at work.

A man dreams of lying in a coffin: your fortune will improve recently, and your fortune will improve your career. In terms of income, you can try to find some part: time jobs by yourself, which will be a very good choice.

A woman dreams of lying in a coffin: the recent love fortune is very high. If you are single, you can try to pursue the one you like and you will have a good result.

The old man dreamed that he was lying in the coffin: the old man may have had some gastrointestinal problems recently due to diet and other issues. As children, he also needs to accompany the old man and pay attention to his health. Don't ignore it because of work. elder.

The student dreamed that he was lying in the coffin: the recent academic fortune will be reduced, which may cause the student to be unable to digest the problems in the study. It is recommended to take a day off to adjust their mentality and let themselves use a good mentality face.

The businessman dreams of lying in the coffin: you will receive a very good business, and when the businessman completes this business, the funds will increase a lot. I suggest you seize every business opportunity recently.