Why Do I Dream of Eating Lychees?-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of eating lychees is an auspicious omen.

To dream of eating fresh lychees: indicates that you will reap money and opportunities will increase.

A businessman who dreams of eating lychees is a harbinger of making a fortune because his competitors are very weak compared to his own.

People who are the chronically ill dream of eating lychees: it may indicate that you are finally getting rid of the shadow of the disease and recovering health.

Pregnant women dream of eating lychees: it indicates that you have a major risk of miscarriage shortly. It is recommended that you pay attention to your safety and health, especially suggesting to go to the hospital for examination.

People in love dream of eating lychees: if they can trust each other, they will eventually get married, otherwise they will be separated.

To dream of eating rotten lychees indicates that the dreamer is energetic and very motivated to do things soon.

Dream interpretation: Lychee means inability.

Psychological analysis: Litchi is wrapped with soft flesh in a hard shell, which symbolizes that the appearance is strong and the heart is soft.

Spiritual symbol: Lychee symbolizes luck, health, and emotional good or bad.

Dream description: I dreamt that I came to a mountain with many trees. Later I realized that many lychees were growing on it. A lot of people were picking, so I went up to pick it too. The strange thing was that the place I picked later was like a wall with lychees all over it, and there were no leaves or trees. I don’t know what a dream means?

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of ripe litchi fruits indicates a happy marriage and a harmonious family. To dream of picking lychees is an ominous omen. Pay attention to safety when you go out.