Why Do I Dream Of Disinfection?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming about disinfectants, or disinfecting a place or something: is a good sign, indicating that you will be supported and protected.

Dreaming that you are cleaning your own dirt: indicates that you will show off the complex social network resources you have.

To dream of disinfecting strangers: indicates that you have to beware of friends.

To dream of disinfecting a friend: indicates that you will be praised by people.

To dream of disinfecting your wife: indicates that the husband and wife are happy.

A woman dreams of disinfecting her husband: it means that the husband is healthy.

To dream of disinfecting relatives: indicates that you will inherit the inheritance soon.

The doctor dreamed of disinfection: it indicates that income will continue to increase.

The drug seller dreams of disinfection: it indicates that the number of customers will increase.

Business people dream of disinfection: it means that the business is not afraid of setbacks, and success must belong to you.

People in love dream of disinfection: it means that they are quarreling for a little thing, and the misunderstanding should be explained clearly.

A person who is pregnant dreams of disinfection: it indicates that he will give birth to a boy if it is spring to give birth to a girl.

Dream interpretation: If you dream of something being disinfected, it implies a desire to clean up the deep level of your mind. You want to get rid of the trauma of the past, and you are ready to work hard for it. To "sterilize" a certain situation means not considering the emotional factors related to the situation.

Psychoanalysis: If a woman dreams of being disinfected by surgery or other means, it may be related to her feeling of powerlessness as a woman. In men’s dreams, disinfection may symbolize dissatisfaction with funny desire or doubts about self: image.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, disinfection in dreams has multiple representative meanings. It can be a symbol of spiritual purity, or it can symbolize an aspect of self: a character that cannot be developed.

Dream description: In my sleep last night, I dreamed that I was cleaning the house and disinfecting it completely. Later, I felt that it was not strong enough, so I wiped everything with disinfectant. What does it mean to have a dream? (Female, 19 years old)

Dream interpretation analysis: Dreaming of disinfection implies the desire to clean up the deep level of the mind. The dreamer hopes to get rid of the trauma of the past and is ready to work hard for it.