Why Do I Dream oF Being Scolded By The Teacher?-Dreams Interpretation

Many people think that being scolded by others is quite painful, even when dreaming. But in fact, being scolded and beaten in dreams is not a sign of bad luck. For example, dreaming of being scolded by the teacher is probably due to the dreamer's inner desire for outstanding academic performance, or the expression of dissatisfaction with the current work situation.

Desire for success: It is precisely because you cannot achieve success in real life and become a successful person in the eyes of others, you will be disappointed in yourself. The combination of this desire for success and disappointment in yourself may lead to Dreaming of being scolded by the teacher appears.

To put it simply, you are extremely disappointed in yourself in your dreams, and at the same time you regret not being able to study hard in your youth, that's why you will have the dream change that you were scolded by your teacher. It can be said that the meaning of the dream itself is not bad, highlighting your understanding of your own abilities, and at the same time, it may also bring you the motivation to move forward.

Dissatisfaction with academic performance: If the dreamer is still a student in the learning stage, then there are naturally many dreams related to learning and teachers. It can be said that dreaming of being scolded by the teacher is one of the more common types.

However, it should be noted that the appearance of dreams does not necessarily mean that you are likely to be punished by the teacher. If you have realized your learning problems, the appearance of dreams can reflect your fear of failure and desire for good. The psychology of academic performance.

The continuation of reality: It means that the dreamer has been criticized by the teacher because of learning or other reasons, which causes a psychological shadow in his heart, which leads to the appearance of similar dreams.