Why Do I Dream Of Being Deceived?-Dreams Interpretation

  • The continuation of reality:

To put it simply, you do have the experience of being deceived by others in real life. This experience has left a deep psychological shadow on me, so it is easy to show it again in the form of a dream. It's just a reflection of your inner thoughts.

  • Symbolizes the loss of wealth:

The reason most people encounter deception is because of money, or deception and betrayal related to wealth are happening every day. Therefore, being deceived by others in your dreams is likely to indicate that you have property losses in real life, or that you have lost money for ghostwriting due to accidental changes.

  • Reflects the deterioration of interpersonal relations:

If you dream that the person who is deceiving you is your acquaintance or even a close friend, then the dream indicates that your interpersonal relationship has been quite bad recently. Not only can't help one's own career work through interpersonal relationships, but it may even cause property loss to oneself because of others. For example, I met some hypocrites at work, and as a result, I suffered wealth and bad luck.

  • Career achievements:

If you dream that your colleague cheated you, then what the dream represents is that your career is very successful and you have achieved good results. It is precise because of the achievements that the hypocrite framed you.