Why Do I Dream of A Tsunami?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a tsunami symbolizes that you are about to encounter a major setback or crisis. It may be due to recent excessive stress or excessive internal pain. It may also imply that a certain part of the body is going to be sick.

Dreaming of a tsunami indicates that this is not a good sign. People who have such dreams, whether they are office workers or business people, will have difficulties and embarrassment, and work and negotiation will not go smoothly.

People who live by the sea dream of a tsunami coming. It may be that there have been some small movements on the sea level recently. You are worried that the typhoon will cause damage to your home. In fact, this is because you have been worrying too much. In such a situation, you should watch fewer natural disaster films, hoping to help you, relieve your nervousness, and learn to relax. In this way, you will be very happy and happy.

The unemployed dream of the tsunami and will have multiple job opportunities, but because they are not competent, all efforts are in vain.

The employee dreams of the tsunami: indicates that there will be a big change in the position, and it is likely to be a bad change.

When a man dreams of a tsunami, there will soon be bad news and misfortunes in life.

A woman dreams of a tsunami, as your family's population grows, your responsibilities will become heavier and heavier.

The patient dreamed of a tsunami, his condition would be serious and worse, and he would not recover in a short time.

Students dream of the tsunami, and can't concentrate on their studies recently, and will fail the exam.

Unmarried men and women dream about the tsunami, and beware of accidents and twists and turn in their relationships.

Married men and women dream of the tsunami, implying that their marriage will be in crisis.

The staff dreamed of the tsunami and their positions would fall.

The businessman dreamed of the tsunami, the business would be ups and downs.

A pregnant woman dreams of a tsunami: indicates that she will give birth to a healthy boy amidst difficulties.

A pregnant woman dreams of a landslide and tsunami: indicates that she should also care more about her husband during pregnancy and have more emotional exchanges with her husband.

A pregnant woman dreams of an earthquake and tsunami: indicates that the pregnant woman can give birth to a boy successfully and that the child will succeed in the future.