Why Do I Dream About Sperm?-Dreams Interpretation Online

To dream of sperm means that your life and work will be smooth and you will get wealth.

A woman dreaming of sperm means that you desire to have a smart and intelligent baby.

A man dreaming of sperm means you are energetic and sexually powerful.

A salesman dreaming of sperm represents a turn for the better in your luck in socializing.

To dream that you feel sperm ejaculation means you are growing up, a normal psychological phenomenon.

To dream of eating your own sperm, physiologically speaking, you need to pay attention to your life and diet, be frugal, don't stay up late, watch more tuned soft movies and music; religiously speaking, this is a hint that you are dirty inside.

Dreaming of your own sperm foretells that soon you will be able to make significant progress in both your relationship, life, and work, seize the opportunity to create your own happy life.

A businessman dreaming of his own sperm foretells that the business you are doing or the project you are investing in soon will be successful in making a large amount of money.

A man in love dreaming of his own sperm foretells that his relationship fortunes have risen, and that your relationship will soon be sublimated, and that you will start a family and start a beautiful family life.

A student dreaming of seeing his own sperm foretells that soon you will not only find an efficient study method that suits you in the study process but will also achieve excellent results in the exams.

An elderly person dreaming of seeing his sperm foretells an increase in his recent fortune.

A job seeker dreaming of his own sperm foretells that he will successfully get a good job with good treatment, and he should continue to work hard to improve his ability, so he can get promoted and reap career success.