Why Do I Dream About Soap Bubbles?-Dreams Interpretation

  • The innocence in life

Soap bubbles in life are very dreamy and colorful bubbles, and children who like to play with these are usually children. Therefore, soap bubbles in dreams represent happiness and innocent wishes to a large extent! So it means that even if you have had troubles recently, you can easily pass by. On the other hand, dreaming of soap bubbles also warns you that happiness is short-lived, and fantasy is just an unrealistic and easily shattered imagination.

After all, naive thoughts are difficult to combine with reality, so this is not a good dream. So it also reminds us that life is short, and there is no eternal existence in this world.

  • Vanity and dilemma

Represents getting into trouble and your vanity. Because bubbles can represent the dreamer's fantasy elements in life, if you do not face life and immerse yourself in the world of your fantasy, you will easily get into trouble and vanity.

  • Achievement

But in the dream about bubbles, there is one more optimistic situation. If you see those beautiful soap bubbles broken in your dreams, it proves that you have become a mature and thinking person. The disillusionment of fantasy is the beginning of achievements, and great achievements may be made!

  • Represents poor health

In the previous article, I have said that dreaming of soap bubbles has the meaning of vanity and dilemma, but if you dream of bubbles in the dance in your dreams. It means that you will suffer physical suffering due to your squandering (such as money, time, health…), and severe cases will also affect your career development.