Why Did I Dream That My Husband was Drowned in Water?-Dreams Interpretation

  • Water that brings disaster to people

The water in this dream is not a symbol of vitality or wealth, but a loss of wealth and disaster, especially the dream change that drowns others. It can further reflect the horror of the water in the dream, which can naturally be regarded as a symbol of disaster.

  • Symbol of poor health

This is one of the most common symbolic meanings of dreaming of a husband drowning in a flood. Since it appears in the dream that the husband was drowned by water, it means that his physical health has already experienced problems, such as lack of vitality and lack of vitality in reality, while the water in the dream can be regarded as vitality and physical health. healthy.

When you dream that someone loses vitality and health due to water, it means that the person's physical health has dropped drastically in real life.

  • Represents disasters due to money

When you have encountered various problems in real life because of money, and even caused your husband's health to decline, you may dream of your husband being submerged in a dream. At this time, the water in the dream represents wealth, but wealth does not bring you benefits but makes your husband lose his life because of wealth.

The dream symbolized at this time is that disputes about money caused an accident, and even caused her husband to be injured and bleed.

  • Emotional problems

Because your husband in real life appeared in the dream and died unexpectedly, it shows that you did not show concern for your husband in your heart. Otherwise, the change in your dream should be to dive into the water and try to save him.

At this moment, the dream can even be regarded as deep down in your heart expecting that your husband will die due to an accident, so that you can get rid of your current marriage. You are very indifferent to the current relationship and are looking forward to some unexpected changes that can end this relationship. At this moment, the dream itself does not have any special meaning, it is just the true thoughts in your heart.