Why Did I Dream That I Married My Ex-boyfriend?|Dreams Interpretation

To dream of getting married to an ex: boyfriend indicates that the relationship is deeply buried in the deepest part of my heart, and it emerges inadvertently in the dream.

Dreaming of marrying an ex: boyfriend: pay attention to the health of the digestive system. Be careful to eat too much may cause indigestion, or suffer from enteritis from eating leftover food in the refrigerator.

The staff dreamed of marrying an ex: boyfriend: the extra expenses are often due to friends, and there is also the possibility of borrowing with friends.

The graduate dreamed of marrying an ex: boyfriend: it indicates that you are looking for a job and you are lucky. Although there are not many opportunities, you will always have a good job and you will get good results if you work hard.

People who go to school dream of marrying their ex: boyfriend: it means that although you have poor test scores, you have made great progress.

A business person dreams of marrying an ex: boyfriend: it means that your business will lose money first, and then it will make a profit in the end.

The clerk dreamed of marrying his ex: boyfriend: it means you will have good luck.

A person in love dreams of getting married with an ex: boyfriend: indicating that you should be more tolerant of your current lover, otherwise you will break up.

A person who is pregnant dreams of marrying an ex: boyfriend: indicates that he will give birth to a daughter.

A traveling person dreams of marrying an ex: boyfriend: you should delay your travel plan.

If you have a boyfriend now, you dream of your ex: boyfriend getting married, and the married bride is yourself: the dream you have at this time is a malicious dream for you, you don’t need to mind his influence on you, you should understand it correctly I have been happy now. If you are not married yet, it may be a reminder that your ex: boyfriend may cause obstacles to your marriage.