Why Did I Dream That I Hit Someone?-Dreams Interpretation Online

If you dream of hitting others, it means that you will be praised by others.

If you dream of hitting someone who has nothing to do with you, it means that you will encounter difficulties and troubles.

If you dream of slapping someone in the face, it means that you have to endure other people’s ridicule for a while

To dream of beating others means that you will be appreciated.

If you dream of instigating someone to beat someone, it means that the person who was beaten will become your friend.

Dreaming of beating your lover indicates that your relationship will be better.

Dreaming of hitting someone by yourself means that you will ignore the other person’s feelings emotionally.

If you dream of hitting someone in the face, it means your whereabouts and mystery, and you are very worried that your plan will be disrupted. You are willing to lock yourself in a small room and do all this secretly.

If you dream of hitting someone in the face, it means that you will be laughed at by others, and you will win if you stick to it.

If you dream of being beaten by your dad, it means that your relationship with your dad will get better and your sense of justice is also very strong.

Dreaming that you bleed someone else’s head means that you are very smooth in making friends and that you will lead this group of friends and you will gain everyone’s trust.

If a job seeker dreams that he bleeds someone else’s head, it means that your job hunting is average. Although the company favors it, your performance is not very good, which makes the other party doubt your sincerity.

Dreaming that you are fighting with others indicates that your interpersonal relationship has deteriorated and you may have some troublesome disputes.

Workers dream of fighting with others, which means that you should pay more attention to your heart health and pay more attention to rest.

If a student dreams of fighting with others, it means that your test scores will be poor.