Why Did I Dream that I Became A Tramp?-Dreams Interpretation Online

The tramp has a similar meaning to the beggar. But it also symbolizes the desire to get rid of the boring pressure of daily life, not to be constrained by the responsibilities and obligations of real life, and longing for freedom.

Dreaming of wandering homeless people: actually reflects your unrecognized mental state and some negative mental state in real life. Dreaming of a fool or harlequin also expresses a similar meaning.

To dream that you met a poor tramp: implies that you are willing to help people who are suffering. You are very kind.

To dream of giving food or help to homeless people in various forms indicates that your social status will be improved.

To dream that you refuse to help the homeless: indicates that you will work hard in the future social work, but the pay is much lower than you think.

To dream of becoming a tramp: on the one hand, it symbolizes your desire for freedom, on the other hand, it also implies that you lack care in real life, material and emotion are very lacking.

  • Dreaming about wandering cases

Dream description: I don't know what it feels like to be wandering, but I wandered once in a dream. I carried my bag and started the wandering journey. The first stop seemed to be wandering into the desert. After crossing the desert, I arrived at an unknown country, and then I started a new journey. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The wandering in a dream is a dream with the opposite meaning. Dreaming that you are wandering indicates that you are an unfettered and free person, somewhat romantic, and somewhat naive. In the dream, your wandering indicates that deep down in your heart, you long for that kind of peaceful life, long for a warm home, long for a lover.