Why Did I Dream That I Became A Ghost?-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of becoming a ghost, this dream implies that your inner hope can break through your current self. The dreamer hopes that you can go further, achieve better achievements or start your own new life.

To dream of someone turning into a ghost and want to hurt you may remind the dreamer to beware of possible betrayals soon. In addition, it may be to remind the dreamer to be cautious in daily life and beware of being deceived.

To dream of becoming a ghost indicates that it may be a sign of better fortune or the arrival of fortune.

Dreaming of being beaten and scolded by a ghost is a big omen. Not only will you encounter a serious illness, but if you are not paying attention, you will be maliciously attacked by competitors at work. It is also very likely to have a relationship with your boss or superior department. deterioration.

To dream that you were taken away by a ghost, you may have a strong social ambition or hope to get everyone’s praise and care, so that you can attract everyone’s attention through ghosts, especially in your subconscious mind. If the ghost catches it, everyone should focus on you.

Dreaming that you are being chased by ghosts indicates that you are inexperienced and are easy to be deceived.

To dream of being chased by a ghost indicates that you are in poor health recently and maybe sick. You should pay more attention to your physical condition and go to the hospital for more checkups.

To dream of playing cards with ghosts indicates that there are villains around you who need to beware.

Dreaming of a ghost talking to yourself indicates that the struggle between you and the enemy has fallen into a disadvantage. If it is a girl dreaming of a ghost talking to yourself, it indicates that you are likely to be deceived by someone close to you recently.

To dream of a ghost and run away when you see yourself indicates that your competitors will soon be conquered by you.

To dream of attacking ghosts indicates that you can avoid disasters. This is a good omen and a good dream.