Why Did I Dream Of My Death and Then Resurrection?-Dreams Interpretation

If you dream of your death, it indicates that your personal wealth will increase. This is a more auspicious sign. If you dream that you are dead but come back to life again, it means that you may receive a gift soon, such as your favorite postcard, or a mobile phone, and you can have a happier life. If you dream of your friend dying but coming back alive, it is also better to be able to show your luck in the future.

If a person who is about to have an exam dream that he has passed away, but is resurrected from the dead, it means that he may have poor results in science, but as long as he works a little bit harder, he will have a great deal If you change, you may be admitted to a good school.

If it is a businessman who dreams that he is dead, but he is resurrected from the dead, it means that although there may be some obstacles in the business that is not very smooth, the final result is still relatively satisfactory and can be relatively large. Profit

If it is someone who is preparing to get engaged or married and dreams that they are dead but come back from the dead, this shows that the relationship at this time is not particularly stable, and it needs to be considered for a period of time to make more changes in the future. Good decision.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she is dead, but resurrected from the dead, it may mean that she will be born as a daughter, but if it is winter, she may be a boy.

If the person who is going out dreams that he is dead but comes back from the dead, it may indicate that there will be a flood. It is recommended to wait for a while before traveling.