Why Did I Dream of Burnt Trees?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Flowers and trees in dreams generally represent life and vitality, especially those blooming flowers and newly sprouting saplings, which not only signify new life but also represent hope. But if you dream of burnt trees, the symbolic meaning is worse.

Lost vitality and hope:
If sprouting saplings mean new life, vitality,
and hope, dreaming of burnt trees means losing vitality and hope. Trees scorched by flames are undoubtedly "dead", and appearing in dreams naturally has a similar meaning.

So the most common interpretation is to represent a disappointing state of mind. For example, in the work, gradually lose the motivation to move forward, become less self-confident. There is also a problem with feelings. After suffering a loss, they lose the pursuit of feelings and even have a fear of feelings.

It means there are health problems in the body:
Burnt trees are like bodies that lose their vitality. They are the existence that may welcome "death" at any time. Therefore, when you dream of burnt residual wood, you should pay more attention to your health and avoid some unexpected diseases. Especially if women have similar dreams in their dreams, it may be a sign that their health will decline.

Represents the lack of help from others:
If you are in a critical period of work and career, then the dream of dreaming of burnt trees means that there will be a lack of support around you, unable to get help from colleagues and bosses, and can only face the upcoming work crisis alone.