Why Did I Dream Of A Salary Increase?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of a salary increase: a bad omen, you will be cut. Or it indicates that the dreamer will have difficulties in life soon, and is worrying about money.

A pregnant person dreams of an increase in wages: it indicates that you should be careful about eating and drinking.

A business person dreams of an increase in wages: it represents a disadvantage at the beginning, but profit after rearrangement.

A person in love dreams of a salary increase: it means that you will stick to the end and have a successful turn.

In the dream, I got my salary increase as I wished: indicating that you have to work hard, otherwise you may lower your grade.

To dream of spending as much as you want after a salary increase implies that you should be more frugal in reality.

To dream that others refuse to give yourself processing capital: means that you will get an unexpected income instead.

Dreaming that someone else’s wages will increase: indicates that your company’s economic situation is good, or that the dreamer’s income will increase significantly.

Dreaming of paying wages indicates that I am very short of money recently, and I very much hope to pay wages.

To dream of giving others a salary: indicates that you will have a sum of money in the account.

Dreaming of a wage reduction: means that your own life is more difficult.

A married person dreams that he has been reduced in salary: that his family will be beautiful and harmonious, and the husband and wife will be very affectionate.

The unmarried person dreams that he has been reduced in salary: it means that there will be some unexpected changes in his love, and the two will increase the probability of quarreling. But this is an opportunity for both parties to understand each other.

A businessman dreams that he has lowered other people's wages: indicating that he and his employees, partners, etc. will have some misunderstandings, so he might as well find some time for the two parties to have a good exchange.

Dreaming that the salary of family members has been lowered: indicates that there will be some economic problems in my family recently, but the problem is not big and will be solved soon.