Whats of dreaming of gecko?

Geckos live by catching mosquitoes, so in summer when mosquitoes are prevalent, geckos can often be seen in the room. Their claws can be firmly attached to the wall to help them catch prey.
Analysis of the dream of gecko
   Dreaming of a gecko, good fortune, maybe an unexpected income, participating in a lottery or buying lottery coupons, the chance of reaping is higher.

   Different people dream of gecko dreams analysis
  A person in love dreams of a gecko, indicating that they have disagreements, or have disputes over the tongue, and it is difficult for them to be married.
   Travelers dream of geckos and go out smoothly.
   People in their birth year dream of geckos, which are generally going well, guard against accidents in the stability, and have just suffered a failure.
   Those who go to school dream of gecko, which means that their scores are on the verge of admission and they are not very optimistic.
   People who are pregnant dream of geckos, giving birth to girls, and seldom go out to climb mountains.
   Business people dream of geckos, which means that everything goes smoothly and gains money. Don’t trust people’s words and design carefully.

  Analysis of other dreams of gecko dreaming
   Dreaming of catching a gecko indicates that you will encounter difficulties in life, especially financial difficulties. It reminds you to learn how to manage money and spend in a planned way.
   Dreaming of a gecko breaking its tail indicates that your child is about to get sick, and the condition is serious, and he may be hospitalized.
   Dreaming of gecko crawling indicates that what you are doing is progressing very smoothly, and you will get good results. It has the beautiful meaning of doing everything you want.
   Dreaming of moths being eaten by geckos or birds indicates that your troubles will soon end, but you will have a happy life instead.
   Dreaming of a gecko falling on yourself indicates that you are in poor health and may get sick, so pay more attention to maintenance.

  The psychological interpretation of gecko dreams
  From the original meaning of dream content, gecko is insulting. Geckos have always been considered ominous, meaning humiliation in dreams.