Whats mean of dreaming about giving money to a dead person?

Dreaming of giving money to the dead means that some previously delayed plans have finally begun to re-operate. After waiting for a long time, you will finally be able to get back on track again. Although there are still some details that have not been fully agreed, but this You can spend some time together to discuss it, but you must be calm.

Dreaming of giving money to the dead

   Dreaming of giving money to the dead will create a little romance! For example, go to your lover’s company to wait for him to get off work, or pretend to be a chance encounter on the way home. As long as you are in the mood, the small romantic plot is about to be staged! But you'd better listen to the whereabouts of others clearly, otherwise it won't be romantic at all if you can't wait for people during the day!

   To dream of giving money to the dead, and that the dead is your relative, means that you will get help from the nobles, there are more opportunities to make money, and your wealth will naturally rise. You must seize the opportunity.

   To dream of a dead person giving money indicates that something bad will happen and property may be lost.

  Workers dream of a dead person giving money, they may be fired or demoted.

   The businessman dreamed that the dead gave money, which means that the business has been sluggish recently and he may face losses.