What's mean of dream about tooth extraction?

  1. Dream analysis:
    To dream of pulling out your teeth, precious time, it is a pity if you waste unpleasant depression and sluggish things. Please be pragmatic and deal with the root cause of the upset. There is nothing that can’t be dealt with. I'm most afraid of blindly avoiding or turning a blind eye. Similar situations apply to lovers. Try to understand the other party's voice so that your love and concern will not become pressure on the other party.

What does it mean to dream of having a tooth pulled out?

   2. To dream of this dream reminder:
   A pregnant person dreamed that he had his teeth pulled out, indicating that he would give birth to a daughter, and that the spring would give birth to a boy.

   A business person dreams that he has his teeth pulled out.

  A person in love dreamed of having their teeth pulled out, indicating that after many trials, they are expected to get married.

   People in their birth year dreamed that they had their teeth pulled out, which means that they are in isolation, so they should reflect more, and if there is no improvement, there will be no disaster.

What does it mean to dream of having a tooth pulled out?

   Three. Dreaming about the taboos of pulling out your teeth:
  "Yi" It is good to talk to the elderly, eat hot pot, and queue up.

   Avoid riding a bicycle, reading at night, and watching anime.

  Summary: If you want to get a tooth decayed, but you don’t dare, it’s best to go to the hospital at this time. A professional doctor can solve this problem well.