What would happen if you dreamed about pooping in your pants? | Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about feces in your pants, if you have this dream, you can treat others sincerely in life, and things will go smoothly in your career. This is a good sign. People who seek wealth will often have liquid wealth, which is a sign of partial wealth luck. sign. If you have this dream, there are many noble people who have this dream. If you get along well with others, it will be beneficial to your career. You must not argue with others over trivial matters, which will be particularly detrimental to your career development. Dreams in summer are auspicious, dreams in winter are unlucky.

Those who have often had nightmares recently dreamed of pooping in their pants. If you have this dream, you will have good fortune. People born in the fire and earth elements will have many opportunities for good luck in their careers. This is a good sign. There is a lot of restlessness in career, and there are quarrels with others over money matters. If fire overcomes metal, greedy people will not have a career.

A lovelorn man dreams of it. Although he will be helped by noble people in his career, he cannot get into trouble with others.

A lovelorn person dreams of pooping in his pants, which means that he will have good luck in love affairs, treat others sincerely, and have good luck in each other's relationship. If there is a sincere person, life will go smoothly.


A newly married man dreams of pooping in his pants indicates that there will be many disputes in the family. If you have this dream, you should not conflict with the elders in the family, otherwise your life will be even more unfavorable.

A single woman dreams of pooping in her pants This dream means that it can be improved if you have gastrointestinal diseases recently. Gastric heat and gastroenteritis are common. Pay attention to your diet and keep it light.

Those who are engaged in desserts, gift manufacturing and other related industries dream of pooping in their pants. Going to the northwest to seek wealth means good fortune. Those who seek wealth will be attentive to others and have a good career. It can be a sign of good luck.