What Is the Omen When Dreaming of Fire?

What does it mean to dream of a fire?

We often dream of fire. What does it mean to dream of a fire

Dream of fire, good luck and money.

Dream of fire being put out, lack of food or clothing, or loss of love.

Women dream that it's easy to light a fire, and their sons will be smart and pretty.

Dream of fire is not easy to ignite, will be disappointed shy.

Dream of limbs unfortunately scalded, soon to have a high fever.
I dreamed that the grass was on fire. What I had been looking forward to for a long time finally came to a good news.

Dreaming of a burning metropolis is a sign that the fruits of mental labor are having an impact on many people.

Dream of fire in your body. Fire in your dream represents growing fame.

The merchant dreamed that he was on fire and that he was going to be rich.

Employees dream of being on fire, promoted, promoted, and possibly famous.

The students dreamed that they were on fire, that their grades were improving and that they were among the best in their exams.

Dreams of a home fire being extinguished mean that the home will be financially damaged or emotionally damaged.

Dreaming of a fire in your home that doesn't go away indicates a longer-term plan or issue that needs to be resolved.

Dream of home from the fire of all clean, indicate will make a crooked money, but will therefore suffer greater losses.

Dream of a fire in the home will be put out by strangers, on behalf of the people around obstruction.

Dreaming that a fire in your home will be put out by your partner means that your relationship will be so damaged that it could lead to separation.

If someone dies in a fire in your home, it means that an important person has died in your home.

If you dream your house is on fire, good opportunities will appear before long.

Dream of a home on fire, will live a rich life. However, I think this statement is not objective.

Businessmen dream of their houses on fire, the main recent financial luck, indicating that their recent good fortune, but have to be careful of excessive investment, it is easy to lose.

The patient had a dream that his house was on fire, which indicated that he had good luck during this period.

The scholar dreamed that his house was on fire.

Unmarried people dream of their house on fire, indicating their recent love can not expect too high, pay attention to each other's true details.

Dream of the old house on fire, due to pay attention to careless work errors.

Male dream old house is on fire, adumbrative should go far door, outside fortune auspicious, will be plain sailing.

The businessman dreamed that the old house was on fire and the owner was in good fortune.

Single people dream that an old house is on fire. That's the sign of love.

The burning of houses meant that many of our countrymen would die of starvation or cholera.

If you have a dream that someone's house is on fire, it means that things are not going to go your way. I suggest you adjust your attitude and test your patience.

Singles dream of someone else's home on fire, indicating that your love life is very general, as long as both sides of each other to consider each other, not too purple, more understanding and care on it.

A businessman's dream of someone else's house on fire is a good sign of your recent fortune. But plan ahead.

Office dream of other people's home on fire, indicates that you are full of strong fighting spirit for the cause, the future is very possible, I suggest you to look for the right time, but also be careful of the villain in your back to make trouble, so as not to let colleagues on your opinion.

Office workers dream of other people's houses on fire, indicating that their work will be affected by the holiday in the near future. They will be a little lazy in their work performance. They need you to urge others to complete the task.

The old man dreamed that other people's houses were on fire, which indicated that the fortune was good and everything was going well.

Adults dream of other people's houses on fire, indicating that your health is very good, along with the emotional control of the enhancement, the body will also benefit, although there is a tendency to eat, but as long as you pay more attention to control it.

Graduates dream of a factory fire, which bode ill for job interviews.

Office dream factory fire, suggest that there will be some small changes in the work, involving personnel changes, the office atmosphere becomes sensitive and tense, but the essence of you do not have too much impact, to correct their mentality.

Examinee dream factory is on fire, bode study result mood is indecisive, can sleep badly to feel, sleep not heavy, easy to wake up, study is like a war, energetic ability is good, have a good rest, believe oneself real strength, soldier will block, water will cover the ground.

The psychology of fire dreams

Fire often symbolizes purity in dreams. The power of fire can give people life and creation, people use fire to change their lives. Sometimes, a fire also indicates that you should shift your sexual energy. If you are burned alive in a dream, you are terrified of a new relationship or new stage of life, and you may feel that you should be tortured for what you believe in.