What is the meaning of the pregnant woman dreams of the gecko?

Pregnant woman dreams what it means to do what is meaningful

Gecko homonym is shelter meaning  is avoidance  pronunciation, this statement is obvious It is to discuss a lottery. Pregnant women dream of  gecko on the wall, indicating that the child will soon be born, but may be relatively weak, need extra care.

Pregnant woman dreams of the wall broken, indicating that pregnant mother haze will soon pass, unhappy things will be very fast, new life is about to begin.

Pregnant women dream of catching gecko on the wall, suggesting that pregnant mothers will encounter difficulties in life, especially the difficulties of money, remind pregnant moms to learn to wealth management, have planned consumption.

The pregnant woman dreams two gecko, indicating that pregnant mothers are likely to be reclaimed or a neat tire.

Pregnant women dream of color wall tigers, and feel annoying, the heart is uncertain, may indicate that the recent is too tired, the health is declining, or it is sick.

Pregnant women dream of the gecko crawling, suggesting that the progress you are doing is particularly smooth, and will get a good results, and have a good meaning of the people.

Pregnant women dream of the gecko and climb into the house, indicating that your family will be safe and happy, and will make life more successful after the baby's arrival.

The pregnant woman dreams of being biting by the wall, indicating that you or fetal health, remind you, if there is a symptom of the body, you must do medical treatment in time.

The birth of the pregnant woman in this year dreams that it means that it is happy to open the door, the financial officer is beautiful, and the fortune is like.

Pregnant women who do business have dreamed of the wall, and the representative can't concentrate on a matter.

The pregnant woman who is studying will dream of the wall, meaning that the test is good, but the effort is more important, the body also takes more weight.

The pregnant woman in travel dreams of the wall, suggests to abide by the rules of travel. Don't change your journey.

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