What is the meaning of the night mouse? Dreaming in the Numeria Interpretation.

Dreaming of what is the meaning of a rather meaning

Dreaming in the mouse, referring to the enemy hidden in the dark.

Dreaming in the poor in their own room, reminding you to be a thief and thieves.

Dreaming in the nice in his own clothes, indicating that people who may have your trust are in the slander.

Dreaming to kill the Nurs, indicating that you will overcome your opponent, property or income will increase.

Dreaming is being catching the field, indicating that you will overcome any opponent and get a bright social status.

Dreaming to fight against the nurses, indicating that you are likely to have social disorders, which will encounter difficulties in communication with people.

Dreaming of many fields, indicating that you may have encountered failures, or have strong problems in sex.

Dreaming that the Nursing ran and said that the Waste Star will pass from your head. Be sure to change the habit of waste and spend money to strictly abide by the budget.

Pregnant women dream of dead nurses, they will be healthy and children.

The doctor dreams of the nice, reminds you that infectious diseases nearby are

The young woman dreams of the nice, warns her, some people are deceiving her, be sure to hide the enemy.

Male dreams of a field, the head is very large, indicating that women who have a sly are trying to get close to you and account for your cheap.

Women dream of a field, indicating that your behavior is not cautious enough, may be subject to an external poor temptation.

Dreaming of the psychology of the nice

Farm represents excitement and not understanding. Dreams in the dreams, generally is \ difficult \ and \ small people \ symbolizes, indicating that the dreams have encountered their bored people or things in their lives. If the dreams in the dreams are biting by the nurses, they will be brave enough, they indicate that the dreams will be striving to defeat \ difficult \ and \ small people \ .

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