What is the meaning of dreaming about donkey?

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is very strong, reliable, not easy to get sick, and have sexual temperate, hard work, and listen to the advantages of the service. Dreaming of the donkey, indicating that the dreams are still good, and efforts will be achieved, and they will have a great fortune.

Dreaming of me holding a donkey, suggesting that friends rising. Will continue to increase new friends, you can get a lot of knowledge from your friends, you will be very fulfilled every day.

Dreaming of white donkeys, predictivity, personal life, happiness, and partner loyalty.

Dreaming of the weightless donkey, indicating that efforts have finally achieved results, rich in income, will send big fortune and have a good reputation.

Dreaming to kick me, this dream reveals that in some things, insist on not enough, sometimes I will stick to a little bit.

Dreaming of the donkey, hints that you may be harmful to the close relatives, relatives and friends may make things that hurt your reputation.

I heard the donkey, remind you to keep cautious, be careful of unfair sexual relationships, or not pay attention to people.

Dreaming of donkey means:

Woman dreams of pulling the car, suggesting that when the fusement is transported, to endure the strength of self-cultivation, waiting for bad luck to pass, good luck is coming.

The man dreams of pulling the car, not boasting, not robbing the head silently buried their heads and gets appreciation. You can step out of a solid and firm step these two days.

The entrepreneur dreams that the fortune is low, and more group activities will increase your expenditure. If you invest, it is easier to adopt a way.

People who do business dreams to meet the car, sincere, sincere, respect each other can gradually be smooth.

The people in love dream of taking a car, both sides, and suffering from small people.

The people of this year dream of dreaming, there is financial, real estate investment favorable, smooth.

Pregnant people dream of taking the car, giving birth to a woman, winter, a man, caution, abortion, and avoiding the soil.

The people traveling to dream of pulling the car, suggesting that there is a peaceful. Have a mouthful.

The people who go to school dream of taking the car, meaning that they fail to take colleges, hindering more, next year.

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