What happened to the boss of the casino in the dream? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of the boss of the casino means great auspiciousness. The fortune of the owner can be improved, or the good luck of career is mostly obtained from the help of others. Those who dispute with others because of money have mutual benefits. Something goes wrong. If you have this dream, there are many villains around you, or you are worried about getting along with the elders, so you should listen to the opinions of others. Dreaming in autumn is auspicious, but dreaming in summer is unlucky.

A married person dreams of it, and it is auspicious to go south, which means good fortune and prosperity. If you ask for money, you will get help from others.

A woman who just lost love dreams of the boss of the casino, don't have mutual greedy thoughts with others, stick to the way of a gentleman, and your fortune will improve. There are many opportunities for noble people to assist in the main business, treat others with sincerity, and have a lot of signs of wealth.

Dream of a remarried person, which means that food hurts to make money, and there are many signs of fame and fortune. People who handle things well may have good luck in their careers.

A divorced man dreams about the boss of the casino, indicating that there will be unfavorable feelings in the recent relationship, entanglements with others, and troubles in getting along.

A man in love dreams about the boss of the casino, which is a symbol of Ding Huo, mostly because others treat each other sincerely, and things go smoothly in each other's lives.

Single men dream about the boss of the casino, which is a sign of homesickness, and your recent financial situation is good, and you have long-term plans, even though you are far away from your family , but fortunately you have more income, which can also make your family feel more secure towards you.

A full-time wife dreams of the boss of the casino, which means that limb diseases and rheumatic diseases recur.

Engaged in service, customer service and other related industries. Dreaming of the boss of the casino, going to the Northeast to seek wealth, there will be unexpected blessings, or troublesome things, people who will be blessed by misfortune, and rich in wealth.