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What Dream About Explosion Means|35 Explosion Dream Interpretation

  1. Dreaming of an explosion: This is a very good dream, a sign of happiness in life.
  2. Dreaming about an explosion: It implies that your connected friend will do something wrong, which will cause you to be implicated; and this dream also symbolizes that your current situation is unsatisfactory. Many things are mixed together and difficult to solve.
  3. Dreaming about explosions and fires: means that friends need their own help.
  4. Dreaming of an explosion: It means that you will hear important and shocking news soon.
  5. To dream of being awakened by an explosion at a gas station: It indicates that your life will be severely affected by this news.
  6. To dream that someone else’s face was covered with dust from the explosion: It means that you will be accused. Although it is an unfair accusation, because the evidence at the scene is conclusive, it makes you speechless if you want to argue.
  7. Dreaming of a car explosion: family members will be reunited.
  8. Dreaming that the car you are driving explodes: It indicates that you have to abandon all your bad deeds immediately, otherwise you will be in trouble.
  9. Dreaming about the house exploding and catching fire: After the difficulties are over, there will be gains. Persevere.
  10. Dreaming of a bus explosion: It implies that you have been hurt in your heart, you need to snuggle in the crowd, and you lack a sense of security.
  11. To dream that there are no dead people in the bus explosion: It implies that there will be a small amount of accidental loss of wealth.
  12. To dream that a lot of people died in a bus explosion: indicates that something good will come, but it should not be publicized.
  13. Dreaming of a bus exploding to escape: a sign of prosperous wealth.
  14. Dreaming of a nuclear explosion: It means that your family will be in good health.
  15. Dreaming of a nuclear explosion and fire: It means that you will get what you want to buy in the near future, or you will get the valuables you have always wanted to buy.
  16. Dreaming about the death of a nuclear explosion: It indicates that your interpersonal relationship is very good in the near future, and you will make new friends, and by virtue of being sincere to each other, you can also become a confidant.
  17. Dreaming of a train explosion: family members will be reunited.
  18. Dreaming of a gunpowder explosion: It indicates that the degree of tolerance in the dreamer’s heart for something has reached a certain limit, and may have reached the point where it has to explode.
  19. Dreaming of an explosion at a gas station: It indicates that you may conflict with others in your life, which will cause unpleasant things to happen.
  20. Dreaming of a gas explosion killing people: The more familiar things are, the easier it is for you to make mistakes. Although there is no lack of experience of failure, periodic amnesia is about to reappear. Handle you carefully
    Don’t make decisions lightly on everything at the moment.
  21. Dreaming of a gas lamp explosion: It indicates that inexplicable troubles are threatening you.
  22. Dreaming of a car explosion: It indicates that everything will go smoothly and everything will be safe.
  23. Dreaming of your car exploding: It indicates that your recent financial luck will be average. It is recommended that you be more cautious in investment and financial management, and be more rational with your partners to avoid disputes between the two sides.
  24. Dreaming of a car explosion: It indicates that you have a bad fortune in the near future. It is recommended that you abandon some of your bad habits. Otherwise, trouble will occur, which is a sign of danger.
  25. Dreaming of a car explosion: everything goes well.
  26. Dreaming of gasoline explosion: it is a sign of happiness in life.
  27. To dream of a hot water bottle bursting suddenly: It means that there will be diseases, accidents and other disasters that will come to your family.
  28. Dreaming of an explosion of a mobile phone: It indicates that there has been a huge change in communication.
  29. To dream that a mobile phone is about to explode: It means a major change that has happened suddenly in real life.
  30. To dream of an explosion of a mobile phone: It means that great changes have been made in communication.
  31. Dreaming about the explosion of the mobile phone battery: Make bad friends and create unfavorable opportunities for yourself. At the same time, be careful of oral and gastrointestinal diseases.
  32. To dream of a grenade explosion: to warn the dreamer of accidental injuries.
  33. Dreaming of a gas explosion: It indicates that sudden things will happen next to you, and it is probably not a good thing. It is recommended that you restrain your emotions, because your rage may make you lose the support of family and friends.
  34. Dreaming of an atomic bomb: It implies that you are afraid that someone will cause great damage to your life and bring a subversive blow to your career and family.
  35. To dream of your car exploding while driving: The dreamer must immediately abandon all his bad deeds, otherwise, there will be trouble.

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