What Does the King Symbolize in Dream?-Dreams Interpretation

The symbol of the king: As each person's personality and concepts are very different, there will be a big difference in the view of the king, which leads to different meanings when dreaming of the king. Moreover, the king himself has quite a variety of symbols in his dreams. For example, the most common one is "right."

The second is the boss, leader, especially for those dreamers who are busy with work all day, this symbolic meaning is more likely to appear. The king can also be seen as pressure, tyranny, oppression, or an irresistible command.

  • Related to personal career

If you dream of becoming a king, or talking with the king and having a meal, it means that your career will be improved, you will be able to achieve good results in your future work, or you will be promoted. All in all, your career development will be very smooth in this case.

On the contrary, if dreamers are reprimanded by the king, criticized or even punished by the king in their dreams, their working conditions will be very bad in real life, and they may make mistakes for some reason and cause their work progress to be affected. damage.

  • Related to personal married life

For many men, their lover's wife is actually equivalent to the king of Shi's family. A man who cares about his wife desires from the bottom of his heart that his lover can be as happy as a king.

And if you and the king can get along happily in the dream, it means that their married life is very stable, their relationship with their lover is very good, and the marriage will not be unstable due to quarrels or other reasons. And if there is a quarrel or even a dispute between the dreamer fish king in the dream, it means that there is an irreconcilable contradiction between the dreamer and the lover.

  • Related to personal health

In addition to the rights, the king also has very arduous responsibilities and tasks. Therefore, dreaming of the king may mean that the dreamer's health is not very good, just like the king is easy to injure himself due to fatigue, resulting in a drastic decline in the health of the body. When the dreamer dreams that the king is working, it is possible to have this bad symbolic meaning.