What does the bat fly on the body mean? Dreaming bats fly to the body interpretations.

Dreaming of the bat flying to the body What is the meaning of omen

Bat is a fearful animal in folk beliefs, they live in the dark, only at night Come out. Dreaming that bats flew to themselves, indicating that people who were dreaming of people were being shackled.

Dreaming of a bat to himself, suggesting that you may encounter a small number of small people, it must be guarded.

Dreaming of a group of bats falling on the body: I \ \ hope that you may encounter the trouble of two joints.

Dreaming of white bats falling on: It is usually a forefront of death, often the death of children.

Dreaming that the bat flying into the cave, it is a good thing, indicating that the difficulties you face will finally have to go.

Dreaming that the bats fly from the sky, saying that God gave people to the world, so everything goes well, it can be famous, and there is no disaster.

Dreaming of bats to blood, indicating the goals you have developed in the near future, and will be completed soon.

The people in this life dream of flying in bats, meaning that there is no need for small frustrations, and people have helped smooth.

Pregnant people dream of batting on Bats, indicating that born men, six July occupant, caution, abortion.

People who do business dreams that bats are flying to their body, and the representative cannot be successful and cannot be traded with people of Lin.

The people in love dreams that there are bats to fly, indicating that the appearance is decorated, not in the incomingness, should be compatible with each other.

Dreaming that the bat flying to the original 's dream

Bat group flying, the ecover is good. \" Ji Dream\"

See the bay, the deshmeware. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream bats fly every day. This is a sign of God, and the Lord has Daxie celebration. \"Dream Secretary\"

Dream bats flew from the sky. This dream is the mega of God, there must be a big happiness, a success, and profit, the disasters are removed, and the child is high. \"Dream Forest Xuan\"

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