What does pregnant women dream of seeing cattle? Pregnant women dream of cow interpretations.

Pregnant women dream of what is the meaning of the cow

The dream dreams of seeing the cattle, representing the mother and child peace, that is, the son, and the mother and child are safe.

Pregnant women dream of cows, indicating that they will have specially listened to the son of the filial piety. Pregnant women dream of cows, representing the mother and child peace.

Pregnant woman dreams with fresh cow dung on his own bedroom floor.

Pregnant woman dreams of birth of the cow, representing the birth of the baby smoothly and health.

Pregnant women dream of cow cultivated land, indicating that born men. Life in August.

Pregnant women dream of burdock, indicating that they will live; dream of being able to have a bad daughter who will be born in her own.

Pregnant women dream of being chased by cattle, is a is not bad. Dreaming to see yourself by cattle, indicate that he will live a healthy, obedient, and filial boy.

Pregnant women dream of angular yellow cattle, suggesting son, and is a special filial son; pregnant women dream of cows do not have angles, indicating that they want to have daughters.

Pregnant women dream of big buffalo, indicating that you will give birth to your son in the future, and will grow smoothly, it is a .

Pregnant women dream of killing cattle, is a good sign, recently your fortune is good. There may be unexpected wealth.

Pregnant women dream of cow fights, representing pregnant women pay more attention to the baby's development status, don't be too fatigue, work and life should take into account.

Pregnant women dream of black cattle, you will have a special filial son in the future, and a family will live very happy and is not bad.

Pregnant woman dreams of riding a cattle, indicating that there will be a festive thing, maybe your baby is going to fall in the world!

Pregnant women dream of being attacked by cattle, there is always a thing in mind Let you repeat! With the small friction of lovers, let you have a thought of breaking up! Financial status has a deficit, let you worry about how to remedy! Work / academic performance, make you two days Very sense of accomplishment!

Pregnant woman dreams of cows, the original

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Huang Niujiao, the Lord is rich. \" \"

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