What does pregnant women dream of pigeons? Pregnant women dream of pigeons interpretations.

Pregnant woman dreams what the pigeons do what it means?

The pigeon is a symbol of peace, representing love and harmony, thus dreaming more about dreaming of pigeons. Pregnant women dream of pigeons, indicating that the basic fortune is excellent, expressing the gums of marriage, and will get countless money. Pregnant women dream of pigeons, and the representative will be smooth.

Pregnant women dream of many pigeons, suggesting that the baby will be born smoothly, and the family life will grow happily.

The pregnant woman dreams of white pigeons, but most of them indicate that they will be beautiful, smart.

Dreaming of black pigeons, is a son who is predicted to dream of the birth.

Pregnant women dream of pigeon eggs, predicting baby health, but also suggesting that pregnant women will guess the future of the baby.

Pregnant women's dreams heard the lonely sorrow of the pigeons, you will seek help for saving someone.

The married woman dreams of pigeons, soon pregnant, can be born with a beautiful boy.

Pregnant women dream of pigeons, forebrective women, winter and men. Caesary production is safer.

The pregnant woman in this year's dreams see the pigeons, meaning that it is not impossible, there is no such thing as a braveness, cautious.

Pregnant women who do business have dreamed of pigeons, representing small people design, profit, slightly change to steady.

Pregnant women dream of the original li dream

see the pigeons, the main beauty marriage. \" \"

Hand in the hand, the main wife is away. \" \"

Copyright returns all. Dreaming of pigeons, you will be born. \"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

Dreams, Ji. Marriage and consists, harmonious, cultivation, work together, operate in a living, pedestrians, and patients are ill. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

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