What does pregnant women dream of horses? Pregnant women dream of horses interpretations.

Pregnant woman dreams what it means to have a sign

Dreaming horses, the main business, the saddles on horseback symbolizes life from the career. Pregnant women dream of March is a sign of born boys during pregnancy.

Dreaming of white horse is usually forebrending a daughter, pregnant women dreaming of small white horses, indicating that the baby in the belly will be healthy, will have a cute, beautiful girl.

Pregnant woman dreams of a wild horses run in the field, and the son's sign in the future.

Pregnant women dream of riding their own riding, suggesting that the son of the future is a person with the leisure of the chest, and will have a good reputation; the pregnant woman dreams that he rides the white horse to run on the grassland, suggesting to have a girl.

Pregnant women or husband dreams of running on black horses in the wilderness, indicating that they will be son.

Dreaming of biting people is a good dream, is a Jang or a proud. Pregnant women dream of biting people, representing baby health, and pregnant women have good luck in the near future.

Dreaming of the long-winged Tianma, symbolizing the energy released in your heart or self-improvement, your spiritual world is increasing.

Dreaming horses rushing to themselves, indicating that your career is successful, or can send a fortune.

Dreaming of the horse hanging on the whole body, indicating that your food and clothing are rich.

There is a horse behind himself, indicating that you will have honor, such as being awarded the title.

Dreaming to buy horses, indicating that you will be married home.

Pregnant women dream of horses the original li dream

Dreaming of horses, guitar; ride, big rich. \"Dunhuang Dream Book\"

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