What Does It Symbolize When Dreaming of Your Father?

"Father" represents your mood
Dream of your father, this shows that you hold a strong view of love. Want him, want a beautiful love… The desire to wait is very strong.
If the dream and his father is very close, it means that in the recent can meet their favorite type of boy.
If the dream is sinister, or there is a strong desire for dissatisfaction in the dream, then you may agree to the boy's invitation in the usual disdain.
Dream of your father standing in front of you to stop you. This is a sign of authority or pressure. It means you are determined to overcome it.
Dream be scolded by father greatly, healthy respect has undesirable omen. Be especially careful about accidents, getting on and off the bus, and crossing lanes.
Dream of father, father

The dream father is a symbol of authority, legal authority, and wisdom, representing power, power, or dominion. A dream of your father may indicate that you are longing for some kind of power. In the west, according to Freud, dreams of fathers often have sexual connotations. A man dreams of his father and is terrified in the dream, which may indicate a lack of sexual security. A woman's dream of a loving and attractive father may indicate a subconscious repressed desire for incest, or a potential sexual desire aroused by the paternal qualities of a male friend.

Parents are also symbols of social order and morality. If you dream about having a good relationship with your parents, you follow these rules. If you feel the relationship between parents is bad and there is obvious resistance, then there is resistance in your heart to these principles. They may make you feel depressed and constrained.

Dream of your father standing in front of you to stop you, this is a sign of authority or pressure, perhaps you should overcome, more efforts to develop their own independent point of view.

Adults or young people dream of their fathers, indicating that they may encounter difficulties in work, study and life and need help.

A dream of a dead father is not only a sign that you may be under great pressure in your career, but also a reminder that you should pay attention to your physical health and mental state.

If you talk and laugh with your parents in your dream, you may have conflicts with your parents in reality. You should control your emotions, understand your parents and promote communication.

Dreaming that you are arguing with your father shows your inner dissatisfaction with the existing moral constraints or strong resistance.

To dream of being scolded by your father is to warn you of possible illness and injury.

Unmarried women dream of their fathers, and feel the dream and father very close and close words, may indicate that you will meet their favorite boy in the near future, and hold the prospect of a love of passion. But if the dream makes you feel very dangerous, or if the dream is accompanied by your own strong desire, it indicates that you may agree to an invitation from a man who usually doesn't care.

A young woman dreams of her dead father as a reminder that your current boyfriend may be cheating on you. Be careful.

Dream of parents divorce, you may encounter setbacks in the contacts with friends, perhaps you inadvertently words, caused a friend misunderstanding, want to leave you, might as well find a friend to explain.

Dreams of illness or death of one's father or mother indicate difficulties in one's career or position.

Dream that your parents are going to travel, go out, or wave goodbye to your family.

Dreaming that you are going out or traveling with your parents indicates that your family may suffer a loss, loss of money, or distress.

Dreaming of a deceased parent leading a cow into a mountain, or disappearing in a distance, is a sign that life is going to get worse, that someone is going to get sick or worse, that a pregnant woman is going to have an abortion, that everything is going to go negative.

Dreaming that your dead parents are smiling at you indicates that something good will happen to you.

Hearing the news of my father's death in a dream may be a sign of good news, but it may actually be an obituary.

Dream of dead parents in the road, or they were taken away by them, indicates that there will be sudden changes or illness, causing property damage, or encounter changes, there is life risk.

Dream of deceased parents as they were alive, and live with their own, indicates that the dreamer may encounter great misfortune, encounter danger and even death.

Dream of leaving your parents, symbolizing the start of an independent life, indicating that there will be great progress in love, if there is someone you like, you may start to express, don't hesitate.

Dream oneself became father, admonition your career is successful.

The dream of your father indicates that you are in trouble and want to seek support from others.

Intend to go out of the people dream father is not good, suggest smooth out, owe Ann back.

People who are preparing for the exam dream that their father can't do it, which means they can't pass the exam.

Pregnant people dream that father is not good, indicates the birth of a female, and the graves.

Entrepreneurial people dream that father is not good, on behalf of the mixed gains and losses, it is appropriate to retreat to reorganize the business.

The man who talks about marriage dreams that his father is no good.

Psychological advice to dream about your father not working

It seems that all the benefits have been snatched up by others. The thing to do always want to delay next, the problem is on their own. Because of these small things to drag down the overall progress, don't want others to lose confidence in you, it should be early to complete what was delivered. What's more, a promise that is strictly forbidden will gradually lose your credit.

A related dream about a father who can't do it

[dream 1]

Dreamed of what my dead father wanted to give me: I dreamed about my dad died, then my uncle said with him when my father calls me something for my next to a like to save the store, and then got the calendar one box, when I am with my uncle in noisy it belong, my father stood in the doorway, that we don't make so much noise, said there were a few box of things for me, so we followed him to pick up, we go in childhood often go the way home, it was night, when my dad also told me that it could be money may also be a wool, and then he took out one piece of white sweater knitted one and a half, and then I cry, go to one of the river, my father told me not to go with him to take things, But I secretly took a look, in the river next to a washing things there is a rope connected to the river what things, but my father was gone, I also woke up. My father died at work three years ago.

[dream 2]

Dreaming that I am his father and his roommate, dreamed that he took the iron plate to his father's head, a roommate will take my father's head with a stone, one is straight roommate to play again, I am not cruel, then see father dying, a roommate with a small stone with edges and corners on the father's forehead, I saw my father eyes seriously damaged, no eye (liaoning net friend

[dream 3]

Dreamt that his father's death: dreamed that after his father died, he put in his house, feel very smelly has rotted sample, the result has revived, became a ghostly, because I'm wrong this sentence, you looked everywhere for my trouble, the in the mind is very afraid, go to find it, I've been looking all over for ghost experts can't cure, said blood can cure, but there's no blood, with my mouth to bite fingers long out of water (local Internet users to provide)

[dream 4]

Dreamed that his father was killed: some wanted anything in my house, kill a lot of friends in my house, my dream dreamed that my mother dreamed that my dad was in voodoo doll curse the sick, the result is found one a voodoo doll, I steal to hurt my dad's hands of voodoo doll, the results were found, then my father was hanging on the pond, blood in the pool, I and my mother looked at in the pool, red the whole pool (Chinese Internet)

[dream 5]

Dream died several years's father: died suddenly last night dreamt of several years of father, in the dream we don't language communication, have a picture is the father urinating in the toilet, not shut the door, I saw one eye but just after he back to me, I know he turned immediately after pee, and father and one woman is the dream of living in one, should be like a lover, I am not happy also don't like that woman, but did not cry or to go against them, and I don't remember how I finally into the room where they lived, probably can only remember these. (courtesy of guangxi netizens)

[dream 6]

Dream of late father and the neighbour sex: dreamed to go to the railway station and the late father, one ticket is no sit I let father to buy on their own, such as the team a sleeper ticket, say hello to the family a call to me, I'm happy to go home run into late father and neighbor sex, cursing dad, I'll then daddy mistook, oneself also cried. (provided by Chinese netizens)