What Does It Symbolize about Dreaming of Parrots?

Dreaming of parrot

The parrot is incompetent. The parrots are brightly colored and are good at imitating people's speech, symbolizing the incompetent generations that echo with the sound.Dreaming of parrots means the bad omens for most of the time.

Dreaming that the parrot is standing on the ground indicates that you will make a useless partner. If this dream is a married woman, it means that the husband is a flashy and incompetent generation.

When a pregnant woman dreams of a parrot, she says she wants to have a daughter.

Dreaming that the parrot is flying, good things, indicating that your current troubles or sorrows will become a thing of the past, and some people will make you show your face.

Dreaming of flocks of parrots reminds you to beware that property may encounter serious threats and remind you to be cautious about investing.

Dreaming that a parrot is on a tree means that there is no ability to solve the problem at hand, and it is ill because of anxiety and anxiety. Pay attention to your health and pay attention to your heart.

Dreaming that the parrot is kept in a cage indicates that you may encounter heavy resistance, but the competitor may be guilty and you can benefit from it.

Dreaming of shooting a parrot, or a cat catching a parrot, means that you will beat your opponent.

Dreaming of a dead parrot, respecting you to beware of dishonest friends, don't easily believe in the bragging of his mouth, lest he should be deceived.

Dreaming of giving someone a parrot indicates that you may be annoyed. It may be because of one of your shortcomings. Remind you to learn to reflect on yourself, not to be hated and not to know.

Dreaming of buying a parrot indicates that you have to bear unwarranted economic pressure. Maybe the debt owed by your family or your father needs you to pay back.

Dreaming of selling parrots is a good thing, indicating that you will overcome many obstacles and make progress smoothly.

Dreaming of raising a parrot reminds you that some of your friends may be slick and deceive for a living.

I dreamed of the sound of parrots, indicating that the work was sloppy, and my friends said that they were martyrdom.

Dreaming that the parrot is sleeping, the quarrel that indicates that the family is getting hotter is temporarily calm.

The young woman dreamed that she had a parrot, indicating that her lover would understand that she was fighting for aggressiveness.

Dreaming of taming a parrot indicates that your personal affairs will be in trouble.
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Dream commentary: The parrot is good at imitating other people's speech, symbolizing the incompetent generation that echoes with the sound.

Psychological analysis: I dreamed that the parrot was on the tree and the Lord had the disease. Dreaming of giving a parrot is annoying; dreaming that the parrot is standing on the ground will make a good friend. Dreaming that the parrot is in the cage, the main cause is not smooth; dreaming of dead parrots, making friends should be cautious. Dreaming of hitting a parrot with a gun can lower the opponent; dreaming of buying a parrot is a bad omen. Dreaming of selling parrots:good luck is coming; dreaming of hordes of parrots, this is a sign of fruitbreaking.