What Does It Symbolize about Dreaming of Death?

Dreaming of death, indicating that the property will be more and more, all the good luck.

Dreaming of death, suggesting that you will start a new life, or will change, to start a new phase of life.

Don't be nervous, you are not really terminally ill. You may be lonely in life, introverted and conservative, not subject to the attention and concern of family, classmates and friends, so the subconscious will make this dream to satisfy your wishes.

Obviously, your wish is that everyone can pay attention to you and care for you, and the terminal illness is the most sympathetic situation, so you will have this dream. Some people say that this kind of dream may be an early warning of cancer. In theory, it is impossible for a dream to tell you a message so directly.

The person who intends to go out dreams of the death of a friend, and it is recommended to delay the visit.

Those who prepare for the exam dream of a friend's death, which means that the science score is poor and the total score reaches the admission criteria.

A pregnant person dreams of a friend’s death, indicating a man. Born in June and July.

Entrepreneurship dreams of a friend’s death, and it’s not appropriate to be a representative.

People who talk about marriage are dreaming of the death of a friend, indicating that it is difficult to find a unit of concentricity, and marriage is difficult.

Psychological advice for dreaming about the death of a friend

Your mood in these two days is obviously good, even if you are not sympathetic, these two days will say hello, or smile. In love, you will find that it is not as reliable as you think.