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What Does It Suggest by Dreaming of Holding a Baby?

The baby is like a new beginning. He is pure and without impurities, symbolizing goodness. To dream of holding a baby symbolizes that the dreamer will gain something and will get something important to him in the near future.

To dream of picking up a baby is a symbol of smooth wealth. Your deposit will increase substantially, but you must never lend it to others, because there is a high possibility that the money can not be asked back.

Dreaming of holding a child, if you hold a boy in your hands, it indicates that you will get what you expect, and there will be a good harvest. If you hold a girl, you may have a conflict with your friends, and you will have disputes over some things.

Dreaming of holding someone else’s baby indicates that your life is very happy, and the husband and wife are will love each other forever.

A woman dreams of holding a baby indicates that she desperately wants a child.

To dream of peeing with a baby in your arms indicates that you will be loved by people.

A businessman dreams of holding a baby indicates fantastic financial luck. Although you may have some trouble in investment and financial management, it will be very smooth with the help of the noble person.

A job seeker dreams of holding a baby indicates that you have a good job hunting fortune recently. Although you did not find the trick to the interview at the beginning, you gradually find a way after your friend’s suggestion. The interviewer’s impression of you is quite good, so pay attention to strengthening yourself as well as your interpersonal skills!

A person in love dreams of holding a baby, indicating that they will go through so many trials.

When a pregnant person dreams of holding a baby, it indicates that she will give birth to a daughter.

Traveling people dream of holding a baby, it is recommended to stop if it rains, and then go out later.

Business people dream of holding a baby, which means that there are too many obstacles and cannot go smoothly, and they must rectify before starting.

Those who go to school dream of holding a baby means that they have perseverance to prepare, are not afraid of failure, and can pass the exam, and will go well in autumn and winter.

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