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What Does It Mean When You Dream That Your Tongue Becomes Long?

To dream of sticking out your tongue suggests that a villain will spread rumors about you and put you in a troubled mood.

An unmarried man dreaming of sticking out his tongue foretells that your love affair will progress smoothly.

An unmarried woman dreaming of sticking out her tongue implies that you have emotional ups and downs and there may be ups and downs in your relationship.

To dream that an unrelated person’s tongue becomes long foretells that you will scheme.

To dream that a family member’s tongue becomes long indicates that someone in the family will have a problem with their health condition.

To dream that your opponent’s tongue becomes long indicates that you will receive a lot of rumors against yourself.

To dream that your tongue becomes long implies that you are speaking exaggeratedly and dishonestly in your life.

To dream that your tongue becomes long indicates that your mental side will be emotionally stimulated and thus become very sensitive.

To dream that your tongue long indicates that you are having a major crisis in your relationship, with too many ups and downs, and that it is best to make a big deal out of it. So as not to bring more harm and pain to the other party.

To dream that your tongue is getting longer and longer foretells that you are an extremely emotional person who will hold your belly in joy and shed tears of sorrow because of sadness. Getting more and more exaggerated reminds you to pay attention to your mental health. It may foretell that you are too easily excited and have had strong emotional ups and downs lately.

Dreaming of a broken tongue foretells that you will have some problems in communication soon, what you want to say inwardly but not well; on the other hand, it foretells that your health is not good and you may have disputes with others, which is an ominous sign.

To dream of biting your own tongue, it foretells that you will suffer financial losses soon and advises you to be more careful.

To dream of biting someone’s tongue foretells that you will soon have the opportunity to go on a trip and will be happy on the way, which is an auspicious omen.

An unmarried person dreaming of biting someone’s tongue foretells poor health, weak constitution, need to eat less and eat more, do not give too much burden to the stomach, resistance is also weak, should urge themselves to strengthen exercise to improve immunity.

A businessman dreaming of biting someone’s tongue foretells success in investment, good financial luck, good harvest, and also suitable for convalescence.

The office worker dreaming of biting other people’s tongues foretells that an accident will happen halfway through the project, suggesting that you should treat it with a calm mind and that the advice of others will help you find a solution to the problem.

Students dreaming of biting other people’s tongues foretell that the examination results are not as good as expected, you need to continue to work hard and struggle.

To dream of biting each other’s tongues foretells that you can enjoy the happiness of life and will be very happy at this time.

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